Unlock DonkeyClip's Potential in Diverse Applications

Example Use Cases

DonkeyClips can be used in many different applications such as e-commerce websites, email campaigns, content portals and more.

Its dynamic nature allows clips to use demographic, behavioural and other data at runtime and dynamically adapt their messages and appearance to matching the user's profile and personality.

The possibilities are endless. Let's work together!

E-shop landing page

The landing page of an E-shop hosts a video promoting the shop's products. By using DC, this video is not static but recognises the user and promotes the right products for them, greatly increasing the conversion rate.

E-shop landing page

Massive personalized clips generation

Imagine that you have a big list of users, knowing their food preferences and their home town and that you want to generate a personalised video per each presenting deals near them.

Massive personalized clips generation

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