What is DonkeyClip

DonkeyClip is a Software as a Service that makes it easy for Web Developers and Web Designers to browse and use dynamic videos on their web pages, or to implement their own original donkeyclips and share them with the rest of the community.
Our platform provides the ability to Businesses to use our business-level license and build custom products and solutions on top of our service.

DonkeyClip is built on top of MotorCortex, the core API that makes all the aforementioned possible for Web Developers. MotorCortex is free to use in non-commercial projects.

DonkeyClip provides the tools and services to take the MotorCortex experience to the next level.

Our website donkeyclip.com Is a community-oriented environment where developers can share ideas, clip templates (donkeyclips) & plugins.



Donkeyclip CLI is a command line interface that creates a new donkeyclip project and installs all the required dependencies for you. It does so by creating a clear, local clone of the Motorcortex Clip Starter boilerplate repository.

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Dcode is a product of DonkeyClip. It's scope is to make your life easier in creating clips.\nWe deal we the setup so you can focus on the stuff that matters. If you shave ideas of how we can make this product event more fun, please let us know.

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And that’s not all

DonkeyClip can provide private clips’ hosting, collaboration and more premium tools & functionality to organizations with advanced needs. Please keep in touch if you are interested, great things are coming.

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