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DonkeyClip is a smart video format that enables dynamic content and appearance on video. The "rendering" occurs on the user's machine, at runtime so DonkeyClip does not need rendering.

With DonkeyClip you can produce billions of personalised videos with no cost and no finite but real time data.

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No rendering

Dynamic content & looks


Real time data

Web technologies

Rendering is old news

No hardware rendering is needed. Program your clip once and let it dynamically take thousands or even millions of different forms without worries. No rendering no problem and with only a tiny fraction of the traditional rendering cost per clip.

Increase your engagement

Work less, do more

Your DonkeyClips communicate the right content to the right audience, the right time. There is no limit on the logic that a clip can support, after all it's code.

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Video as code

Extremely secure

Open source plugins

Development tools




A donkeyclip is a dynamic video that can be embedded on any webpage. It renders directly on the end user’s device, based on parameters provided during the runtime. This approach enables unlimited personalization without requiring expensive infrastructure.

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Clip starter


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DCode will help you debug and publish your clip to DC


Our well documented API allows you to do fancy clips very easily


Once you program your clip you can easily use it to any web or mobile application by the use of our existing and upcoming integration options. You can embed your clip using popular frameworks such as React, Angular or React Native along with the iframe and Web Component option. Finally, plugins for popular platforms like WP and Magento are under development.

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Whats next?

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