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With DonkeyClip, craft bespoke, branded banners and clips that seamlessly integrate with Shopify, Magento, or any e-commerce platform directly via our plugins. Start effortlessly with our CLI, access comprehensive documentation and tutorials, and utilize our suite of tools for swift deployment.

Whether you prefer a DIY approach or need our expert assistance to create banners or train your team, DonkeyClip empowers you to enhance your e-commerce presence with personalized, dynamic content.

Easy to learn, pleasant to work with

Our easy to learn js/ts library is on the core, surrounded by a CLI for a fast start and a browser-based interface to debug and easily deploy your clips

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Pure Web Technologies

Morph, easings, stager

Ready to use plugins

Dynamic and parametric

Instant deploy

Smart Banners API

MotorCortex, our powerful js/ts library, offers advanced animation capabilities, from morphing to 3D, enabling you to create unique, brand-defining experiences with cutting-edge web technologies.

Get Started

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Easy to learn, fun to develop

You don’t need to be a Senior to get started. Using pure Web Technologies, such as HTML, CSS and js/ts it's very easy to get started and extremely fun to work with. Whether you are developing for your own brand or for someone else's e-shop, the only limit is your creativity. There are several free get started webinars organized each year. Book your seat and get started!

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Video as code

Extremely secure

Open source plugins

Development tools




A donkeyclip is a dynamic banner/clip that can be embedded in any webpage. It is rendered directly on the end user’s device, based on dynamic parameters, just like a front end component. This approach enables unlimited personalisation without requiring expensive infrastructure.

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Start with your free account today and get instant and free access to our development tools and resources



User our cli and start developing your first clip right away



DCode, a web app will help you debug and publish your banner in your DonkeyClip account seamlessly


Our well documented API allows you to do fancy clips very easily

Develop once, distribute everywhere

Publish your smart clip in your private DonkeyClip space, and it becomes instantly accessible across all platforms where you've integrated our plugins.

Free Webinar

There are several free get started webinars organized around the year by DonkeyClip. There our instructor will let you know how to get started and will create the first banner with you. Book your seat and get up to speed really fast!

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