Unlimited personalized videos

DonkeyClip lets you create clips that can be embedded into any website and that incorporate logic that controls their content and copy based on your business logic and data.

DonkeyClips render directly on the user’s browser, no backend rendering is needed and thus billions of personalized videos can be produced with no cost, no rendering time, on demand and in real time.

Let’s see it in action

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marketing campaigns




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Let your smart clips work for you

Program your clip once and use it in numerous ways to reach your audience.

With DonkeyClip your clips are smart and they have logic. They serve the right content to the right audience, the right time, the right way. There is no limit on the logic that a clip can support.

Increase your engagement

Work less, do more

Your DonkeyClips communicate the right content to the right audience, the right time. There is no limit on the logic that a clip can support, after all it's code.

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offers & arrival

behavioral data

you name it

Personalization means distinction

Distinction means data

Use your data for video remarketing. DonkeyClip videos are fed with either stored or real time data and they transform to serve specific content to specific audience, even adapting their appearance. You can feed your DonkeyClips with any type of data.

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We deliver complete dynamic clip solutions for your business


Integrating the power of DonkeyClip to your website is really easy. Clips can be embedded via a single line of code, anywhere in your web app. Our framework wrappers (React, Angular, Vue) make it easy to embed regardless of your website’s technology while plugins for major platforms (such as Magento, Shopify and WordPress) provide an extra layer of convenience as they already include special platform features

What's next?

You can start by creating your free community account, explore and use our community clips on your web application.
In any case, we are very open and very happy to provide more information, talk with you and let you know how you can use the power of personalized videos in your strategy.

What's next?

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