Elevate your Marketing with Dynamic Banners

Smart Banner Revolution

Transform your marketing with DonkeyClip's smart banners—dynamic, customizable, and scalable. Set up once, and watch them adapt in real-time to your audience's preferences and behaviors, driving engagement and boosting your results with minimal effort. Leverage our template library, enjoy seamless integrations, harness collaborative tools, and gain insights with comprehensive analytics to empower every campaign.

Dynamic Promotions

Eliminate the need for manual updates with DonkeyClip's dynamic banners. Automatically showcasing the latest products and deals, our banners adapt based on time, context, and featured items. Embrace the simplicity of our smart configuration and watch your revenue grow—effortlessly.


Personalized Promotions

Experience the power of personalization with DonkeyClip's dynamic creatives. Tailored to individual preferences using demographics, behavior, and more, our promotions engage and convert by displaying the most relevant products to each shopper.

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Scalable Performance

With DonkeyClip, scalability is a given. From a regular day to peak shopping events like Black Friday, our platform delivers consistent performance, handling up to a million interactions in seconds, with no additional effort or cost from you.


Template library

In our rich library you'll find a variety of templates in size and style. Plus all templates are brandable. The template library is constantly updated with new designs.

API and programming tools

If you are interested in creating totally custom animated banners for your e-shop with DonkeyClip is doable. We can design and develop your clips or we can train a web developer of your team to do it. Even Jr. Developers can easily create beautiful banners!

Success Boosters

We got all the creative tools and features to empower your smart banners.

Private Branded Clips
Private Branded Clips

Private Branded Clips

You can create custom, branded clips in a private collection inside DonkeyClip, that only your company members will be able to see and use.

Multichannel distribution

Multichannel distribution

Expand your reach with DonkeyClip's banners on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more. Effortlessly distribute across e-shops, email, social media, and Google ads for comprehensive multichannel marketing.

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MP4 rendering

MP4 rendering

MP4 rendering allows you to massively create clips to be used on social media advertising. With DonkeyClip you can simplify and automate the video creation process. mp4 format, same strengths.

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Develop once, distribute everywhere

Publish your smart clip in your private DonkeyClip space, and it becomes instantly accessible across all platforms where you've integrated our plugins.

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Empower your team with collaborative tools for creation, distribution, monitoring, and analytics, driving optimal outcomes together with DonkeyClip.


See how your clips perform at any time. DonkeyClip seamlessly cooperates with Google Analytics.