The team components

MotorCortex, the core lib of DonkeyClip was first launched as the dream to be the ultimate library to connect other animation libraries under a single syntax.

Later on, as the venture reached people in the fields of DevOps, Animation and Academia, the Team grew, and a specific goal emerged:

to create the next programmatic-video standard.

Wizards team

This team is responsible for maintaining and evolving DonkeyClip’s technology. They have been considered the DonkeyClip’s Wizards

Alex Dorodoulis

Technology Wizard
Nothing enters the magical web without him knowing. Guarding the web gates, this wizard can manipulate the DonkeyClip's technology continuum.

Andreas Tradidis

Programmatic-Video Wizard
If something could describe to a computer the mystical art of programmatic-video it is this wizards brain with over five hundred years of knowledge.

Theofilos Papadopoulos

Space-Time Wizard
The glory of DonkeyClip's universe lies in space-time stability. This wizard is capable of predicting all potential futures and preventing paradoxes.

Strategic advisors

This team is responsible for giving treasured advises and supervise DonkeyClip’s projects related to their field of expertise

Konstantinos Evangelidis

Scientific Advisor
Expertise in defining research interests from early-stage ideas.

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