Pioneers Wanted!

Be among the first to revolutionize e-commerce with dynamic video content.

We are looking for

E-shop Owners

Visionary e-shop owners who recognize the power of personalized video content are the perfect match for our early adopters program. These trailblazers appreciate how custom-tailored, dynamic videos can revolutionize their e-commerce businesses, leading to increased sales and conversions. As experienced industry leaders, they will collaborate with us to shape the future of e-commerce and our innovative SaaS product, providing valuable input on perfecting our dynamic clips and presenting the most relevant statistics. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey, leveraging the full potential of personalized video to redefine the online shopping experience and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and success in the digital landscape.

E-shop Developers

Skilled e-shop developers with a strong understanding of their clients' needs and a passion for cutting-edge technology are the ideal collaborators for our early adopters program. These tech-savvy professionals comprehend the transformative potential of personalized video content and are eager to explore innovative applications within various e-commerce environments. By partnering with us, these insightful developers will contribute their expertise and domain knowledge, helping to refine our SaaS product and expand its versatility for diverse e-shop requirements. Together, we'll forge a path towards a more engaging and personalized online shopping experience, driving growth and success in the digital world.

Top Benefits for Early Adopters

Exclusive Cost Benefits

Experience premium treatment as an early adopter, receiving a free license and dedicated support. Enjoy regular calls and meetings with our team, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience while shaping the future of e-commerce together.

Shape the Product

As an early adopter, your invaluable feedback and insights will directly influence the development and direction of our innovative SaaS product. Seize the opportunity to contribute to key business decisions, ensuring the platform evolves to meet your unique needs.

Competitive Advantage

As an early adopter, you'll gain a competitive edge by implementing our groundbreaking dynamic video technology before it becomes mainstream. Harness the power of personalized content to captivate your audience, boost conversions, and establish your e-shop as an industry leader.


Setting up our service takes just a few minutes. As part of our early adopters program, we'll provide you with a one-hour onboarding session to walk you through the details and help you decide how to get started. The technical setup is straightforward and easy to follow.

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